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In 1976, The Ten Bells, on the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street in the East End of London, was renamed Jack the Ripper by a landlord looking to profit from the history surrounding the serial killer. In 1988, the pub reverted back to its original name.  On 9th November 1888, Mary Jane Kelly left the pub before becoming, it was thought, Jack the Ripper's last victim.

David Edward ('Screaming Lord') Sutch (10/11/1940 - 16/6/1999) was born in Kilburn, London.  He started off with a window-cleaning business before becoming known as a musician. He legally changed his name after being inspired by singer Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He was also not a real Lord, but used the title '3rd Earl of Harrow'. He became  a politician and was founder and leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. He was Britain's longest serving politician and stood for 39 elections. He set up Radio Sutch, which was first broadcast from a fishing boat that became a radio station from the afternoon. The first record they broadcast was Sutch's 1963 track 'Jack the Ripper', a Joe Meek production, on 27th May 1964 , and considered Sutch's most famous song. The station was later sold and became Radio City, which was actually the first station to broadcast 'live' acts on stage.

The vintage badge is not to my knowledge still being produced, so one to look out for on perhaps online auction sites.

Jack the Ripper 1974 Play Flyer.jpg
Jack the Ripper 1974 Play Flyer_reverse.jpg


Flyer for musical production at the Ambassadors Theatre 17th September 1974. The play is a reconstruction which relates to the East End murders in 1888. Described as 'an atmospheric commentary rather than an historical re-enactment'.

One Penny 1888 front and back.jpg
One Penny 1888 alt_front and back.jpg

Two One Penny coins from 1888, the year of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Jack the Ripper by Arthur Sarnoff Picture.jpg

"JACK THE RIPPER" by Arthur Sarnoff


This is considered  one of artist Arthur Sarnoff's best-known pieces of work, depicting, in a humorous way, dogs playing pool. The title clearly has a double meaning! It is a print of the original painting.

The artist was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1912 and known for his whimsical work and slapstick humour. Sarnoff died in 2000 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Jack the Ripper Thimble.jpg
Jack the Ripper Titanium Coin landscape.png


Jack the Ripper Coin made from Titanium


Titanium, the ninth-most abundant element in the Earth's crust, is corrosion-free, able to stand extreme temperatures and 45% lighter than steel yet just as strong. It was discovered in 1791, named in 1795 and first extracted industrially in the 1930s.





Jack the Ripper Miniature Newspapers

4 x The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times.


1:12 scale for Doll's House.

This London published periodical ran from 1861 to 1913. It tended to feature political and military news from the capital and more widely from around the Empire. Jack the Ripper or The Whitechapel Murderer was, of course, the news of the time in 1888

HRH The Duke of Clarence & Avondale Memoriam Coin_Obverse.jpg
HRH The Duke of Clarence & Avondale Memoriam Coin_Reverse.png

HRH The Duke of Clarence & Avondale 'In Memoriam' Bronze Medal  (Died 14th January 1892)


Queen Victoria's grandson, also known as Prince Albert Victor and affectionately as 'Eddy', was a Jack the Ripper suspect.


There was a theory that the syphilis, picked up during his travels to the West Indies, had resulted in the insanity which meant he had committed the murders.


Author Dr Thomas Stowell implied that Prince Eddy had murdered in retribution after contracting syphilis.


Another theory suggests that the murders might have been about covering up a secret marriage which victim Mary Jane Kelly had been privy to. However, there are contemporary documents which show that Prince Eddy, who was second in line  to the thrown, was not in London at the time of the murders.


In 1889, Prince Eddy would later find himself in more trouble during what was known as the Cleveland Street Scandal. This relates to the discovery of a male brothel in London that he was reputed to be linked to. This remains another conspiracy theory.


 When Prince Eddy died of pneumonia  in 1892, it was less than a week after his 28th birthday.

Jack the Ripper C64 Game.jpg

'Jack the Ripper' Computer Game for Commodore 64/128

Although, I do not personally own a Commodore 64, a computer games console from the 1980s, it is nice to have the artwork and accompanying descriptions.

The blub on the back of the case begins, 'Truth is stranger than fiction. Nastier too.' Then later, warns the gamer, 'Necessarily the game contains scenes which will be disturbing and upsetting.'


This game, with its 18 certificate classification, can be said to have been one of the early computer games that directed adults towards gaming as a hobby.

In my fictional book, Jack the Ripper? (because of its time-travelling elements and juxtaposition with the modern day) the computer games 'Jack the Nipper I & II' are referenced, which I was able to play with interest on my ZX Spectrum computer, which I still own.

Jack the Ripper_Ripper Untold DVD_Pic_Cropped.jpg

Ripper Untold (2021) - on DVD

The latest movie on Jack the Ripper to be released.

Written and directed by Steve Lawson, it offers a very different take on who Jack the Ripper might have been. The names of the victims have been changed. 

Inspector Reid of Scotland Yard and a medical examiner join forces in an attempt to solve the mystery, except that the latter has a few secrets of his own.

Jack the Ripper_Whitechapel Sign_Pic_Cropped.jpg

Whitechapel Sign


A tin replica sign of Whitechapel district, where Jack the Ripper carried out his killing spree.

This would make a great addition to any Ripperologist's wall.

Jack the Ripper_Screaming Lord Sutch Tape_Pic_Cropped.jpg
Jack the Ripper_Screaming Lord Sutch Tape 2_Pic_Cropped.jpg

Screaming Lord Sutch Cassette Tape (P) 1985

This particular cassette album has been signed in person by Screaming Lord Sutch.

He was the singer, and later politician, who had a hit with 'Jack the Ripper' in the 1960s.

Jack the Ripper_Screaming Lord Sutch Tape 3_Pic_Cropped.jpg
Jack the Ripper_Top Trumps_Pic_Cropped.jpg

Top Trumps Cards - Legends of London

If you have ever fancied playing Top Trumps, then why not a version that includes a card on Jack the Ripper?

He has been rated 8/10 for Impact and the only card in the pack where a year of birth could not be ascertained.

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