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The aim of this website is to provide interesting facts and useful advice to anyone who owns a German shepherd or is thinking of owning one.

Date for the Diary

10 May each year (from 2001) because it is International German shepherd Day

Alternative Name for the Breed



Male (Height 60-65 cm / Weight 30-40 kg)

Female (Height 55-60 cm / Weight 22-32 kg)


Twice per day. Morning and Evening in equal measure. 

Active dogs 2.5 to 3.5 cups of dry dog food per day.

An adult German shepherd will consume 1,700 calories daily.

You should never feed your German shepherd: meat on the bone, grapes, raisins, sultanas, corn on the cob, bread dough, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol.


Groom them every couple of days in the direction of their fur and with their coat dry. Matted hair is to be avoided as it can lead to skin irritations, not to mention bacterial growth or parasites.

Heavy shedding of the winter coat takes place in spring. In autumn, the lightweight summer fur is shed.

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